NFT Yearbook To Archive the Rich Culture of Web3

By capturing hundreds of hours of interviews with some of the space’s most interesting founders, artists, creatives, and thought leaders.


NFT Yearbook To Archive the Rich Culture of Web3

By capturing hundreds of hours of interviews with some of the space’s most interesting founders, artists, creatives, and thought leaders.

Led by two crypto natives and a storied high-quality publisher, the NFT Yearbook (NFTYB) project is set out to document and archive the rich history of the Web3 space.

Slated to be released in both digital and physical forms, the book contains content from some of the space’s most interesting and brilliant minds, from DeFi protocol founders to some of the most renowned artists and creatives.

In February 2022, Carel “Callie” Van Graan, the CEO of Global Village Publishing began the first iteration of the NFT Yearbook, a month later he reached out to Dan Stern and Sol Fayerman-Hansen to spearhead the initiative — including responsibilities like curation, creation, strategy, marketing, and more.

Since then the two have conducted and organized over 600 hours of interviews and have assembled possibly the most significant documentation of the Web3 space to date.

In an interview with Hypemoon, Fayerman-Hansen and Stern shared a bit of the inspiration behind the project, a look into the process of building it, and what can be expected in the future.

NFT Yearbook

Having published more than 300 books over the last 30 years, Global Village Publishing has one of the highest standards of quality when it comes to its physical coffee table-style books.

It aims to carry that same quality and expertise into the world of Web3 with its new arm Metaverse Publishing, which is behind the creation of the NFTYBs digital offering.

Each book is completely interactive on secondary NFT sites like OpenSea and more, allowing users to flip through pages, adjust the size, and rotate the 3D asset — with an interactive demo of how it works already live on its site.

Across the 9669 total tokens, NFTYB has built a variety of unique traits that allow holders to access certain perks. There are hundreds of blank pages in the book, including yearbook quote spaces, paragraph spaces, half-page spaces, and a full-page space. For three weeks after the mint, holders of a blank space token will be able to send NFTYB their message, art or other content, which will be included in the digital and physical yearbooks.

Designed this way to facilitate generative art through content from the community. While creative expression is encouraged, the team will still vet the submissions to make sure they do not include hate speech, child endangering content, or any copyright infringements. 

The book consists of features and art from hundreds of web3 artists, collectors, thought leaders, creators, platforms, and collections. Also included are educational chapters teaching web3, a chapter to memorialize digital artists from the 1960s that have since passed away, and other artists that have passed away more recently like Alotta Money.

To appease community curiosity, the NFTYB has put together a list of many of the individuals who will be featured in the book, which can be viewed on Twitter.

Inspired by the Culture 

“The inspiration behind the project is the culture! We saw that there was no one chronicling the things that were happening in the space from the eyes of web3 creators and contributors, shared Fayerman-Hansen, adding that “this space is full of the most talented and creative people on the planet, and we wanted to tell their stories.”

While admitting it might sound cliche, Stern said “we are early,” explaining that “these memories, highs, lows, shit posts, and everything else must be documented in a way that is digestible for the reader, and what better way than a beautifully crafted book.”

To make the offering as accessible as possible, the price includes both the 3D readable NFT collectible, as well as the physical coffee table edition — which will be shipped to all holders at no extra cost.

The Process

Speaking on the process, Stern shares that one of the most daunting tasks was reaching out to all of the people that he says they have been so lucky to connect with in the space.

The book is co-created and co-curated with the community,” he said, explaining “we basically curated the first 20-30 people in the book that we knew there would be a consensus that they should be in the book, but then, we asked everyone to start nominating people for the book. Well, needless to say, this really blew the roof off and we began getting DMs from people we were really interested in being featured in the book.”

He shared that at first, the idea was to have 4o thought leaders, 80 artists, and maybe a few dozen collections but explained “that idea was scratched and we started going down rabbit hole after rabbit hole of artists, collectors, creators, founders, collections, and so on.”

Currently, the NFTYB team has fielded over 600 hours of interviews, and features over 370 individuals, making up a total page count of 420 for both the physical and digital copies. Sparing no detail, the team is also working to make sure the book weighs 6.9 pounds, because you know, the culture.

“The process is only half over when the interview is over, shared Fayerman-Hansen, explaining “our writers, who are based in South Africa and Canada, go to work with our PM Gia, who is in direct contact with every person in the book to make sure they approve their interview write-up.

Attempting to identify his favorite part about the process so far, Fayerman-Hansen says that “we really still get a big dopamine blast to the face when someone who we have been trying to reach says, ‘this is such a cool idea I want to be a part of it,’ but we do really love the interviews and hearing the fantastic journey’s that our interviewees have taken to get to Web3.”

Artist Covers

One particularly special aspect of NFTYB is its limited edition artist covers, which consist of 20 one-of-one covers produced by various featured artists in the Web3 space.

“We are a project that is REALLY enabling artists to profit directly from the project,” said Stern, sharing “this is optional for all artists, but what we do is have the artists that wish to create a 1:1 cover for 1 digital and 1 physical Yearbook.”

Stern explained that “the inside of the book is the same, but the cover is a 1:1 piece from an outstanding artist. These covers will be auctioned off, and the sales all go to the artist. We wish we could pay the artists for the interviews, but this is the way we are trying to pay them back and create something outstanding.”

Additionally, pre-publication tokens also include rare “blank space” traits, which allow the owner or collector to send personalized messages, content, or art to be featured in both the physical and digital books.

“Bullish on the People”

Looking forward, Fayerman-Hansen shared “we feel really bad we didn’t think about this back in 2017 or ‘18, but this will be an annual project. The first book slaps a bit harder, but that’s just because we have taken a snapshot of the last few years in one book.”

Adding that he looks forward to future releases and hopes to continue to curate and create with the community for many more years to come.

It’s important to us to create something so that people can really tell their stories,” he shared, adding “we wanted a way to tell the story of Web3 from within.”

“Many of the people who are telling these stories today don’t have skin in the game. Well, we have skin in the game, we have lost skin in the game, we have lived the culture for years and say a big gm every day of the week,” he proudly expressed, adding “we love this space and have dedicated our professional lives to it. We are bullish on the people here now, even when the markets get wild, and stay here to drive the space that will change every facet of our lives in the near future.”

With the NFTYB acting as the flagship project by Metaverse Publishing, the company is intent on becoming the leading publisher in the metaverse and broader Web3 sector — with a goal of producing high-quality blockchain-backed books and preserving the rich history of the emerging space.

“In a few years from now the space will be so big it will be impossible to own the narrative of early Web3 days — the NFTYB will make sure that no matter how many big companies enter this space, the true creators and builders of the early adopter’s phase are celebrated.”

For readers interested in minting the NFTYB, a waitlist is available to join on its website, and minting for participants is open via a private link.

Elsewhere in Web3, see how NFT Now’s The Gateway “left downtown Miami better than we found it.”

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